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How to design online presentations that convince and inspire

online presentation maker
Support your project with elegant and well-conceived online presentations.
Why does this matter?
Well, because you want your audience to pay attention to the idea in which you believe and for which you’ve worked so hard.
Many of us are familiar with the pressure we are under when we have to deliver an online presentation. It’s important that we keep our audience focused and guide them towards our intended destination.
Now you can create online presentations with a coherent structure, so that you may present your project in a professional manner before your colleagues or even at a conference.
create online presentations
The editable Tonomatograph templates guide you through and support you in creating online presentations – they were designed to fit the size and the aspect ratio for being projected on the screens from meeting rooms or conferences. The final layout you create can also be used for display on your own monitor or for printing handouts.
make online presentations
online presentations maker
create your own online presentation
By working with editable templates, your design will be well-organized and your ideas will be well-structured. Thousands of items await you in the Tonomatograph image library. You can also upload your own images or any items that you think are useful.
By using editable templates, you can maintain the coherence of your online presentations – the background images, the colors, the fonts, the positioning of the elements and the relationship between them, the positioning of the logo will all follow the same rules throughout the presentation.
The repetitive nature of these templates can also help you to keep the attention of your audience alive – just include certain details that give a preview of what you are about to present.
Create online presentations with coherent contents and graphic images that will impress any audience.
Access Tonomatograph. Your work will be easier!

There are only 6 steps you need to follow in order to create online presentations with Tonomatograph

  • Access to create a user account. It’s free and the sign-up process takes 1 minute
  • Go to the “Full HD Presentation” section, choose an editable template and open to edit
  • Enter your own content, change the fonts, the colors or the background image, alter the position of the elements and their size
  • Upload your own images and/or your company logo
  • Save your new presentation to your own lightbox
  • Access your lightbox and download your presentation in a simple .PDF format or with bleed and crop marks for printing and in .PNG format for the online environment

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