Now, you can create the most wonderful flyers online

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Impress your customers with the best flyers, created with Tonomatograph.

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free online flyer maker
Whether you own a small store, a travel agency or a law firm, you can now take advantage of our editable templates to create flyers in various sizes – A5, DL, square shaped – that are useful in any business or professional field. Tonomatograph provides you with professionally designed editable templates with themes that cover most business fields. Choose the best template that fits your business and create the flyer you want in a matter of minutes.
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make DL flyers online
free online flyer creator
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free DL flyers online
Customize your flyer with your company logo and with your own images. Choose your own text, pick the fonts and the colors or insert graphic elements straight from the Tonomatograph database.
online flyers maker
make flyers online
free square shaped flyers maker
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With Tonomatograph, you can create flyers in the most common sizes: A5 (148×210 mm), square shaped (150×150 mm) and DL (100×210 mm). All sizes can be edited on both sides.
In the end, your flyer will look great. Whether you choose to print it at hi-res or to share it online, the impact is guaranteed. It is really worth a try

Here are the steps you need to follow to create flyers of various sizes with Tonomatograph

  • Access to create a user account. It’s free and the sign-up process takes 1 minute
  • Go to one of the sections “A5 flyer”, “square shaped flyer” or “DL flyer”, select an editable template and open to edit
  • Enter your own content, change the fonts, the colors or the background image, alter the position of the elements and their size
  • Upload your own images and/or your company logo
  • Save your new flyer to your own lightbox
  • Access your lightbox and download your flyer in a simple PDF format or with bleed and crop marks for printing and in .PNG format for the online environment


Create memorable flyers in a few simple steps
1. It’s absolutely free – Use free editable templates to design your own flyer.
You don’t have to pay a graphic designer, as you can create a flyer yourself. At Tonomatograph, you can find preset layouts that contain graphic elements covering a large array of fields and are visually in sync with the current trends.
2. Use an image or an element that defines your company. If you are already using a visually powerful image, you can upload it to your account and work with it. Alternatively, you can access the Tonomatograph library, where you will find thousands of items that are sure to inspire you.
3. Customize.
Upload your logo and choose a font that fits you. Change the font color, size and position, and alter the background image – you can do all these things, thus customizing the preset layout to your heart’s desire.
4. Print at a high resolution.
All the Tonomatograph items used in your design have a very high resolution. You can print a .PDF or download a .PNG file for the online environment.
You’re different, so you need to look different.
Are you ready to create a design with personality?
Dare to do it!



Can I reedit my flyer after I save it?2017-07-24T12:18:34+00:00

You can reedit a saved flyer for as many times as you want. Your saved flyers can be found in your lightbox. From there, you can open and reedit them.


How much money do I have to pay to create a flyer with Tonomatograph?2017-07-24T12:18:45+00:00

Many of our editable flyer templates are free. All sizes can be edited on both sides. You can also choose editable templates that you may reedit for only €2 (VAT included)/template. For this price, you get access to a database of premium graphic items, which you can use in editing your flyer template. There are no other costs for creating flyers with Tonomatograph.



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