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Reward your winners

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Handing over a diploma or a certificate acknowledges the results achieved with great efforts. Reward your winners with a diploma or a certificate and they will feel appreciated and respected.
Now you can create a diploma or a free certificate online by accessing the Tonomatograph editable templates. They are meant to help you – so you don’t have to worry about editing these materials from scratch. Find a wide range of ideas to mark the event you have in mind.
These are editable layouts for certificates that you can award within your company, for curricular or extracurricular activities, on completing a course, on graduating, for winning a competition and so much more. There are many customization options.


There are only 6 steps you need to follow in order to create a free certificate online with Tonomatograph

  • Access to create a user account. It’s free and the sign-up process takes 1 minute
  • Go to the “Diploma & Certificate” section, choose an editable template and open to edit
  • Enter your own content, change the fonts, the colors or the background image, alter the position of the elements and their size
  • Upload your own images and/or your company logo
  • Save your new certificate to your own lightbox
  • Access your lightbox and download your certificate in a .PDF format for printing and in .PNG format for the online environment


In less than 5 minutes, you can have a diploma or a free certificate online in A4 size.
Choose the template you like and customize it. You can upload your own graphic items or you can find inspiration in the Tonomatograph library. Change the position of the items, alter the background, change the text color, choose the font that fits best – you have thousands of items at your disposal.
In the end, save the newly-created diploma or certificate in your own lightbox and download the layout in .PDF format at a 300 dpi resolution (very high) or in .PNG format at a 96 dpi resolution for posting in the online environment. Your diploma or free certificate online will look great once you’ve printed and framed it.
The achievements of our loved ones and the joy we experience when they succeed in their endeavors motivate us and make us wish we could “stop time”. Without a doubt, you will increase the loyalty of your employees, partners or students and you will incentivize them to participate in the next event, too.




Can I reedit my certificate after I save it?2017-07-25T13:23:42+00:00

You can reedit a saved certificate for as many times as you want. Your saved diplomas or certificates can be found in your lightbox. From there, you can open and reedit them.


How much money do I have to pay to create a certificate with Tonomatograph?2017-07-25T13:21:38+00:00

Many of our editable templates for diplomas and certificates are free. You can also choose editable templates that you may reedit for only €2 (VAT included)/template. For this price, you get access to a database of premium graphic items, which you can use in editing your certificate template. There are no other costs for creating diplomas and certificates with Tonomatograph.


Can I customize my certificate the way I want?2017-07-25T13:20:07+00:00

Of course you can. Uploading customized images in the layout of the diploma and certificate template is free. You can upload images in .jpg and .png format (transparent) to your template as long as the files don’t exceed the size of 5 MB each.


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