Christmas card with sleigh, gifts and small tree ornament

Virtual Christmas cards maker

Virtual Christmas cards maker

Remind your friends that the moments of true happiness are fleeting, which is why they should be shared. Now you can design your own creations with the virtual Christmas cards maker. Let this card created with the help of the Tonomatograph platform help you share the happiness of the season. Its design has a modern approach and contains elements and colors that are typical for this moment: the sleigh, the gifts, the snowflakes. The bold way in which the background was designed, featuring highly contrasting colors, will help get your message across – just write your content over the tree ornament in the background.
They say that we get wiser with the passing of the year. Let yourself be inspired by the possibilities provided by Tonomatograph and use our virtual Christmas cards maker to create your own designs – this may be the wisest decision you can make.