Women’s Day Sale Poster Template

Afis pentru oferta de 8 Martie
With a unique design incorporating graphic elements that are typical for this occasion, this Women’s Day sale poster template will advertise your offer. The number 8, which marks the effective date of the offer, is treated in a special way – it is clothed in floral elements, which are feminine and have been drawn in clean, contrasting colors.
The information about the 50% discount is conveyed on the spot. The font is clear, clean and slightly boldface. There is a powerful contrast between the dark color of the background and the pink of the text. The “50%” visually dominates the image.
Using this design for a Women’s Day sale poster template is a choice you won’t regret. Personalize it!
Using the Tonomatograph online editing platform, you can add a personal touch to this design. You can insert a logo, a new text, an image or whatever you’d like. You can change the background, pick a new font for the characters or change the color, the position or the size of the elements and the texts. You have so many options!
Use this Women’s Day sale poster template and you will make your offer known instantaneously.